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HMP Associates

Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd


HMP provides Detail Engineering, Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of :-


Sub-station/Switch yards HT/EHT.

Gas Turbines... based on multi-fuel with co-generation & combined cycle.

Generating Sets for captive/ standby power...based on diesel, heavy-fuel, gas.

LT Panels, MCCs, DBs, Relay Control Panel, Feeder Pillar…for various applications.

HV/LV Cabling & Terminations.

Internal & External Electrification


1. D.G. Sets (Diesel, Heavy Fuel & Gas Based)


Ranging from 1MW to 6MW single unit of various voltages, ranging from 433V to 11KV GENERATION ,complete with accessories like COOLING TOWERS,AMF PANELS, RESIDENTIAL SILENCER, EXHAUST PIPING, WATER & OIL PIPING , OIL STORAGE TANKS & AND WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM etc.

2. Gas Turbines


BASED ON MULTI FUEL OPERATION ranging from 1MW-50MW with CO-GENERATION & COMBINED CYCLE for various applications.


3. Transformers ( DRY & OIL type)

Various capacities for INDOOR/OUTDOOR application with wide voltage upto 220 KV. Fitted with ON LOAD /OFF-LOAD TAP CHANGER having RTCC & AVR complete with PROTECTION SYSTEMS.


4. Air Break Isolators


OUTDOOR/INDOOR, with VOLTAGE RANGE 11KV TO 220KV, having Manual / Motorised operation.


5. Instrumentation Transformers ( PT & CT)


OIL FILLED with INPUT VOLTAGE range of 11KV TO 220KV,of various class of accuracy for protection & metering.


6. Lightning Arrestors


For various applications & of suitable class & voltage ranging from 11 KV TO 220 KV. Having options of insulating base & discharge counters with suitable hardware and connectors.

Switch YardHMP Associates





Gas Turbine




7. Earthing


GI & COPPER earthing system as per INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS & IS CODE, complete with earthing pits , strips,etc.


8. Outdoor Switchyard Structures


11KV TO 220KV SWITCHYARDS with HOT DIP GALVANISED LATTICE TYPE STRUCTURE complete with hardware , grouting bolts ,etc.


9. Outdoor Switchyard Accessories


All type of insulators, conductors, clamps, connectors and shielding wire.


10. Cabling & Terminations


HV & LV POWER CABLES, CONTROL CABLE of various voltage and all type of termination / joint.


11. Battery Bank With Charger


Suitable for all DC voltage for control and protection system including DC distribution board.


12. Capacitors for Power Factor Improvement


P.F. CORRECTION SYSTEM with manual & automatic panels for LV & HV system.


13. Switchgears


SF6 & VACUUM breakers for EH/EHT/LT/HT/EHT systems.






14. LT Panels


POWER & MOTOR CONTROL CENTRES(PCC,MCC) & DISTRIBUTION BORAD (DB) for industrial & commercial application.


15. Relay Control Panel


Designed for remote operation of substation/switch yard upto 220 KVA SYSTEMS.


16. Lighting


INDOOR & OUTDOOR ILLUMINATION including FLAME-PROOF applications & special Lighting for HOTELS & COMMERCIAL set up.


LT Panel

17. Uninterrupted Power Supply Units (UPS)


UPS SYSTEM with SINGLE\THREE phase INPUT/ OUT PUT having MAINTENANCE - FREE BATTERIES for various applications Hotel,Hospitals,etc.


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